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Fishing Tips


On Thunder we supply you with a 4/0 conventional rod and reel with 50lb test monofilament line, a 3oz egg weight and a 7/0 circle hook on a 12-18” leader.  This may vary some depending on conditions and targeted species of fish.  If you haven’t used a conventional reel before please ask the mate for instructions to avoid problems while fishing.  

When we arrive at a fishing spot, please do not drop your line until the Captain has shut down the engines.  He needs to anchor the boat and position it over the fish.  When the engines start up again it is time to reel in so we can move to another spot.  

We typically provide two different baits: cut threadfin herring and squid.  If  you use the head portion of the herring, hook it thru the eye sockets or thru the top of  the head. Using the tail portion, you should remove the tail then hook thru the back and under the spine.  For squid, hook it once thru the thickest part.  

When you drop your bait, let it go all the way to the bottom, and take up some of the slack. You want your bait on the bottom to catch the most fish.  Fish will tug at your bait and you will feel a tapping in the line. Resist the urge to “set the hook”. Circle hooks set themselves. When you have a fish, just start reeling. If you need help, call for the mate to assist you.  If you hook the bottom, and can’t get it loose, call for the mate.  The mate will also put new weights and hooks on if you get broke off.  

At the end of the day, your fish will be filleted and put in a ziplock bag for you to take home and enjoy.  If you need some ice, just ask: we will be happy to give you enough to get your catch home safely. 


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